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USCIS Medical Examination

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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)requires a medical exam for anyone looking to get a green card. The purposed of the USCIS medical exam is to ensure that the applicant who wishes to live in the United States is healthy and has all the necessary vaccines to ensure they are in good health as long as they reside in the United States. The USCIS medical exam must be done by a certified professional (Civil Surgeon).

What Is a USCIS Medical Exam For?

The USCIS medical exam ensures that all immigrants are healthy and current with all mandated vaccines. An applicant is unable to get a valid green card without completing a USCIS medical exam and the exam must be administered by a USCIS certified medical doctor (Civil Surgeon).

What to expect during your USCIS Medical Exam

We offer USCIS medical exams for the low price of $300 for physical exam and to have all documentation completed. The following documents should be brought with you to your visit: Personal identification with your photograph on it (passport) and your medical and vaccination records (if you have). We will provide you with the most current Form I-693.

Lab fee’s, vaccination fee’s (if required), X-rays (if required) are at an additional cost. We offer transparent pricing so you will not experience any hidden fee’s or surprise bills.





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